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Ziggurat is  a strategic rogue-like involving 2 players. Grab a friend, choose a class, and see if you can destroy ThePsychic!  Using a variety of random spirits from each class, descend the circles of Hell as you face bigger and badder creatures! Choose from 5 different classes to achieve Victory!


  • Campaign with over 15 unique enemies!
  • 5 classes : Magician, LunarPriestess, Elemental, Druid, and Necromancer
  • Boss Rush Mode
  • Soundtrack + Sound effects for each spell

Submitted for Extra Credits Jam #4! Extra Credit "Challenges" used:

Extra-Open : A .bat file is literally text file. Anyone can open it using Notepad and see unobfuscated code!

Extra-Vert : Can be played with 2 people in-person (in fact it's recommended)!

NOTE : Enemies only have one hitspot, usually the head. Each round, you gain energy, as well as crystals that boost it. Lose all your energy, and you will die! Casting spirits requires energy (10), as well as moving (1), so use it wisely...

This game was written in pure Windows Batch (as well as VBScript for Music&Sound), using a multitude of VT100 sequences - therefore, it's Windows 10 only, unfortunately.


Ziggurat.zip 14 MB

Install instructions

Windows 10 only. Unzip, then double click Ziggurat.bat to play

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